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Citizen L20 Series

The continuing evolution of the industry standard...  

L220 Brochure with Specifications |   Watch Video of the L220XII

L20The newest Citizen CINCOM L-series lathes truly must be seen to fully appreciate their speed and tooling flexibility.  This latest generation of L20 machine – the L220 - is far more advanced than previous L-series lathes.  The versatile L20-series is equipped with the powerful Mitsubishi Meldas M70LPC-VU control for high-speed processing.  Full servo axes and advanced technologies enable faster machining operations while reducing non-cutting idle time by 40% compared to previous models.  The L220-series has the ability be converted between guide bushing and non-guide bushing mode.  This allows the machine to be used in guide bushing mode for long and small diameter workpieces. Once the guide bushing is removed, it can be used to machine short workpieces with less material waste.

There are 3 different versions of the Citizen L220 now available.  Each model potentially features our new revolutionary Low Frequency Vibration (LFV) chip breaking technology - the solution to all your chip problems!   This exciting new technology facilitates programmable chip control to reduce chip size and break up your chips.

Citizen’s Low Frequency Vibration Cutting (LFV) Technology

  • Ideal for difficult to machine materials – chip control/tool life extension
  • Malleable materials such as copper and plastic, previously impossible to control chips – easily controlled with LFV.
  • Break up of chips into very small pieces 
    • Reduction of down-time/increase in productivity and profit
    • Efficiency through a combination of vibration and standard-cutting
    • Very fine work pieces are possible
    • Excellent for deep hole drilling

Citizen LFV Cutting Technology — Reduced Chip Sizes

• Programmable chip control
• Chips are broken up and do not become entangled with the material or tool.
• Cutting resistance is lowered.
• Reduce or remove the need for high pressure coolant
• No built-up edge is formed.
• The machining temperature doesn’t rise so there is little susceptibility to distortion. 
• Tool life is extended.
• Very fine cuts are possible

Citizen L220VIII
This fully-loaded 13/16” capacity, 7-axis lathe with 27 standard tools - including 13 live tools - demonstrates the versatility and capability that has left the L20 series without peer. 

Citizen L220X
The L220X adds an additional Y-axis to the subspindle, on top of the above.  This Y-axis to the subspindle increases the tooling possibilities even more, adding tiers of additional tooling for the main and sub.  Live right-angled tools can now be mounted on secondary tool blocks.  Pinch milling/drilling/turning on the main spindle is now a reality.  This new model can feature 31+ tools if your application demands complex machining, making it the ideal solution for the medical and aerospace industries (among others).

Click on Picture of L220X Interior to Enlarge 



Citizen L220XII
Citizen recently introduced the groundbreaking L20XII machine featuring a fully integrated B-axis spindle (4 front/4 back live) on the gang tool block.  The swivel angle has a range of 135° (from 90° to -45°) to enable the B-axis to be used for both front and back machining.  This B-axis addition, coupled with the Y-axis to the subspindle, truly sets the L20XII apart from the competition from a machining capability standpoint.  

Now also available:

Citizen L220 Integrated L2000 Laser System
Citizen has recently integrated their new Laser System L2000 to our popular L220 Swiss turning platform.  This new marriage of conventional Swiss machining with precision laser cutting on one machine platform is sure to revolutionize the industry!  

Watch Video (below) of the L220 with Laser

Typical Parts

Typical Parts Machined by L220

Click the Play Button to watch video of the L220XII in action!

L220 Brochure